Application of variable magnetic fields and light in the treatment of hemorrhoids


laserotherapy, magnetoledotherapy, magnetotherapy


The aim of the study was to estimate the clinical efficacy of variable magnetic fields and light applied in form of magnetotherapy, laserotherapy and magnetoledotherapy in conservative treatment of patients with hemorrhoids. Twenty se­ven patients in II—IV stadium of intensity of local lesions were included, in which no pharmacotherapy was used during trial. Seven patients were exposed to 20 procedures of magnetotherapy with use of sinusoidal magnetic field with frequency 40 Hz and induction 15 mT applied on sacral region. Twenty patients were exposed to 20 procedures of laserotherapy with use of radiation with wavelength 650 nm and mean power 30 mW applied on anal region. Eight patients were exposed to 20 procedures of magnetoledotherapy with simultaneous use of variable magnetic field with induction 53.4 µT and light radiation with wavelength 625—635 nm and mean power 39 mW or wavelength 830—850 nm and mean power 267.4 mW, respectively, applied on gluteal furrow 2 times daily for 10 days. In five patients exposed to magnetotherapy a complete subsidence of clinical symptoms and local lesions was obtained. In all patients exposed to laserotherapy regression of clinical symptoms in form of pruritus and burning sensation in anal region as well as total or partial regression of prolapted hemorrhoids was observed. In six patients exposed to magnetoledotherapy local improvement in form of lack of prolapsus of hemorrhoids during defecation as well as regression of pruritus and burning sensation in anal region, bleeding during defecation and staining underwear with blood was noticed. Taking into account attainability and simplicity of therapeutic procedures as well as high therapeutic efficacy and lack of side-effects of magneto-therapy, laserotherapy and magnetoledotherapy, it seems that these contemporary methods of physical medicine could make treatment of choice or valuable supple­ment for pharmacotherapy and/or surgical treatment in patients with hemorrhoids.


Przegląd Flebologiczny 2008, 16(1) 5-9


Sieroń A., Stanek A., Cieślar G., Kawczyk-Krupka A., Pasek J., Mucha R.