21 05, 2020

The use of magnetic stimulation in medical rehabilitation of patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment

Introduction: The article provides an example of using an alternating magnetic field in the medical rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment after suffering a stroke. The study included 40 patients aged 40 to 60 years. The procedure was a comprehensive rehabilitation plan using the Viofor JPS device. It proved the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy in patients with post-stroke cognitive failure.

14 05, 2020

Effect of low frequency magnetic fields used in magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation on the rehabilitation results of patiens after ischemic stroke

New methods of rehabilitation should be Introduced in order to reduce disability resulting from stroke. During the twelve months of follow-up, effect of low frequency magnetic field (If mf) on the course of patient rehabilitation following ischemic stroke was evaluated on in-patient (acute and subacute period of the stroke) and out­patient (chronic period) basis with the use of Mathew et al s and Barthel's scales.