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The position of Viofor JPS System in medicine

Our aim is to deliver safe and effective medical products to business and private customers (clients). Thanks to our constant/close co-operation with medical science for 19 years we deliver the best quality medical equipment, which is highly valued by our customers/users. 

The therapeutic efficacy of Viofor JPS System confirms 200 scientific publications, 23 doctoral and postdoctoral works, 56 research papers, including works financed from public funds - which are "know-how" from Med&Life Ltd. The indications for use of Viofor JPS System are medical conditions, that require following effects: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, relaxation, improving peripheral circulation, antidepressant, reducing the deficit and oxygen debt.


Sterownik Viofor JPS Family

Sterownik Viofor JPS Classic

Sterownik Viofor JPS Laser

Magnetolaser aplikator IR

Sterownik Viofor JPS Delux

Dwupanelowy aplikator dwusekcyjny R

Sterownik Viofor JPS Light

Sterownik Viofor JPS Laser

Viofor S-PDT

Pierścieniowy aplikator mały 30cm

Magnetyczno-świetlny aplikator RIR

Pierścieniowy aplikator duży 65cm

Dwupanelowy aplikator dwusekcyjny RIR

Pokrowiec transportowy 6S

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