11 05, 2020

Magnetic fields in the diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis (ms)

Majority of life processes occur in organisms owing to electromagnetic forces. The fields used in medicine reach the value of intensity from a few picoteslas to 2,5 tesla. Magnetotherapy, magnetostimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation are physical procedures with the use of magnetic fields. In multiple sclerosis magnetic fields are used in the diagnostics, estimation of the disease progression and of the effects of immunomodulating treatment and in rehabilitation.

8 05, 2020

The appreciation of bone growth factor in women with osteoporosis exposing on freetransition magnetic field

In spite of many news bulletin of favorable influence of free transition magnetic field on regeneration bone tissue, there is lack of information of function mechanism on bone metabolism. The aim of this work was to evaluate the concentrations of bone growth factors (osteokalcin, prokolagen, estrogens) and mineral density of cervical bone in women expose on freetransition magnetic field.