The contemporary look on physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease – some chosen questions


morbus Parkinsoni, therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, quality of life)


Morbus Parkinsoni (Parkinson’s disease, PD) is the neurodegeneration illness of the central nervous system, which character­izes tricky beginning and slow progress of the symptoms, meanwhile pathomorphology – the degeneration of the cells of part compact black matter including the dye neuromelanin. Clinical symptoms appear after destruction about 50% cells of the black matter and the fall down of production dopamine. This disease belong to the extrapyramidal system diseases, in which applies symptomatological treatment (pharmacotherapy, rehabilitation) what permits lengthen and bear current efficiency and physical condition. In the treatment comply also the operating treatment – neurosurgical, which the aim is the improve­ment patient’s quality of life. Complex rehabilitation should be initiate on every stage of the disease and hold in continuous way, not just in hospital term, as well as ambulatory too. The use of the different possibilities and the therapeutic methods in significant modus accelerate return to optimum functional patient’s efficiency in dependence from the degree of advanced disease, and this is the succession of improving. Rehabilitation in neurological diseases state very important and wide question. At that time it is the most important elements in the treatment of those patients. In this review article the authors introduced some chosen forms and methods of motor exercises, physical procedures and some conduct physiotherapy principles patients with Parkinson’s disease, which should be realized as a main part of comprehensive treatment.


Aktualn. Neurol. 2010,10 (2), 94-99


Pasek J.1, Opara J.2, Pasek T.3, Kwiatek S.1, Sieroń A.1 

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