Ulcera crurum: treatment with low frequency magnetic field stimulation with high energy LEDs. Description of case


magnetostimulation, ulcera crurum


The objective of this study is to present description of therapy with the use of low frequency magnetic field stimulation (ELF-MF), synchronized with high energy light emitting diodes LEDs – ledtherapy in ulcera crurum. This work concerns one case treated in the way mentioned above. The patient was treated with 20 applications of low frequency magnetic field stimulation, together with LED diodes. The wound, at the beginning of treatment was characterized by high dynamics of pus secretion, reddening, tumour and pain, in spite of intensive pharmacological treatment. On the base of conducted observation of 20-days treatment, high terapeutic effectiveness in the treatment of this particular disease has been stated. As a result, a complete healing of the wound, retreat of pain, improved condition of skin, and patients comfort during the therapy have been achived. Thus, this method can be considered effective in the treatment of hard healing wounds.


Acta Bio-Opt. Inf. Med. 2006, 1, 15-17


Pasek J., Mucha R., Sieroń A.

Szpital Specjalistyczny nr 2, Katedra i Klinika Chorób Wewnętrznych Angiologii i Medycyny Fizykalnej oraz Ośrodek Diagnostyki j Terapii Laserowej w Bytomiu, ul. Stefana Batorego 15, 41-902 Bytom