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Med & Life Sp. z o.o.
Established in 1995
Our motto: High Quality Medical Devices
Certified scope of operations: “Design, development, production and distribution of medical devices for therapy, diagnostics and rehabilitation”
We offer medical devices for physiotherapy treatment (Viofor JPS Professional ) and personal use (Viofor JPS Home systems).
Therapeutic effectiveness and advanced technology of our products is the result of long standing research and development in medicine and technology. Our research has been conducted in numerous scientific institutes, clinics and hospitals.
Thanks to public subsidies we have been able to expand our medical research program aimed at determining the scope of application, contra indications, therapeutic parameters as well as the effectiveness of Viofor JPS systems. Scientific publications: Advanced technology and top quality of our products as well as the commitment of Med& Life to development of innovative solutions have been confirmed by numerous awards and honors. Our solutions are patent protected.  Our Professional series products are widely used by leading health care centers, clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine centers as well as wellness and spa.
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Our Home series products have been very successful on the market. Our products have helped thousands of our customers improve their life quality and reduce drug intake, in particular pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and sleeping pills. User opinions:
Customers can consult MD’s at our Medical Infoline and ask questions regarding Viofor JSP systems. We have appointed a Scientific Board to supervise and coordinate scientific research and medical testing.
If you have more questions, need a safe, top quality and highly effective product, you have found the right place FAQ.
NOTICE! All types of physical therapy with Viofor JPS Systems are included in the Guaranteed Heath Care Benefits Basket. Viofor JPS System treatment is covered by National Health Fund refunds for medical rehabilitation and spa treatment.

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Med & Life Sp. z o.o.
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