Control Unit Viofor JPS Family

Art. nr: 1036

  • for low-frequency magnetic therapy – magnetostimulation designed specifically for patients and for individual use:
  • designed specifically for patients and for individual use:
    • Those who require regular treatment due to illnesses, traumas, and pain of different etiology,
    • With disorders of physiological mechanisms responsible for regeneration and relaxation,
    • For athletes for post-exercise regeneration and after increased physical exertion
    • For people experiencing long-lasting psychic tension
  • the user interface has been simplified and adapted to the effective, intuitive and safe conduct of environmental therapy and personal use while continuing therapy and home rehabilitation


  • therapy: low-frequency pulsed electro magnetic field – magnetostimulation
  • types of treatments:
    • Therapy – therapeutic treatments with three therapeutic periods to choose from
    • Wellness (regeneration) – regenerative treatments for daytime or evening use
  • automatic change in the direction of the magnetic field
  • define a user by specifying: condition and age
  • pre set intensity with the possibility of manual change (level of magnetic induction)
  • treatment time (10/12 min) is automatically set according to the selected settings
  • treatment time multiplier
  • power supply from the car cigarette lighter socket or battery
  • energy saving mode


  • power supply art. no. 1094
  • adapter (distributor)
  • connection to car cigarette lighter


  • type of control unit – microprocessor
  • supply voltage: 10 – 15 V DC – 1,6 A:
    • Switching Power Suooly MPU30-106
    • Battery Power BS-01
    • Plug-in adaptor to in-car lighter
  • maximum power consumption – 5 VA
  • minimum power consumption 15 VA
  • the max output voltage on control unit socket – max. 15 V
  • working mode – continuous running
  • admissible working temperature/humidity – +10 – +40°C / max 80%
  • protection against water – IP 40 (not waterproof)
  • dimensions – 32 cm x 27 cm x 10,5 cm
  • weight – 1,4 kg
  • one socket for the Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation applicators


  • an intuitive and simplified interface, intended for use by non-professional users
  • recognizing connected applicators
  • stand-by mode – saving energy
  • automatic applicator diagnostics
  • suitable for continuous running