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The therapeutic effectiveness of the Viofor JPS System has been documented in more than 150 scientific publications, 30 doctoral dissertations, and habilitation. Clinical studies and observations are constantly conducted in various scientific centers with clinical and rehabilitation profile

Below you will find selected publications and medical articles with use of the Viofor JPS System. To view the review, press the button on the right.

2105, 2020

Magnetostimulation by Viofor JPS and restitution after loading

The possibilities of traditional methods to help restitution in top sport are limited. Now there are new, alternative methods (acupuncture, magnetostimulation, cryotherapy), but only few scientific studies about the effectiveness of these methods are known.

2105, 2020

The use of magnetic stimulation in medical rehabilitation of patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment

Introduction: The article provides an example of using an alternating magnetic field in the medical rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment after suffering a stroke. The study included 40 patients aged 40 to 60 years. The procedure was a comprehensive rehabilitation plan using the Viofor JPS device. It proved the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy in patients with post-stroke cognitive failure.

2105, 2020

Evaluation of the effect of magnetotherapy on hemodynamics in patients in adulthood

Monitoring hemodynamics of patients with relentless symptoms of cardiovascular diseases demonstrates the usefulness of in the process of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases as non-pharmacological support. Effectiveness in improving peripheral circulation was demonstrated.

2005, 2020

Immune monitoring of magnetostimulation in complex treatment of burn injury

The article presents the case of a female patient with an extensive 70% TBS A burn treated with a combination of routine operative surgery, general management and administration of expositions to low-frequency magnetic field (LFMF) generated by Viofor JPS Classic and Professional System emitters.

1805, 2020

Lingual nerve rehabilitation with use of a slow alternating magnetic field a preliminary report

The article describes the possibility of using regeneration property of magnetic fields with Viofor JPS apparatus. They shown 4 cases of rehabilitation destroyed lingual nerve during chirurgical operation in the cavity oral. We have obtained subjective formication of sensation after 5 applications. Each patient have achieved the positive effects of treatment after different periods of time.

1805, 2020

Simultaneous use of variable magnetic field and low-energy light – new possibilities of treatment of dermatological diseases? Case report

Physical methods using variable magnetic field and low-energy light show high efficacy in the treatment of various skin diseases, and that is why testing clinical application of simultaneous, synergistic use of both these physical factors in the treatment of dermatological diseases, especially resistant to conventional therapy, seem to be purposeful.

1405, 2020

Effect of low frequency magnetic fields used in magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation on the rehabilitation results of patiens after ischemic stroke

New methods of rehabilitation should be Introduced in order to reduce disability resulting from stroke. During the twelve months of follow-up, effect of low frequency magnetic field (If mf) on the course of patient rehabilitation following ischemic stroke was evaluated on in-patient (acute and subacute period of the stroke) and out­patient (chronic period) basis with the use of Mathew et al s and Barthel's scales.

1105, 2020

Magnetic field stimulation and the quality of life in MS patients

Magnetic field stimulation and the quality of life in MS patients Keywords: magnetic field stimulation, rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, quality of life Summary: Background. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of magnetic field stimulation and exercise on the quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients undergoing home-based rehabilitation. Material and methods. The

1105, 2020

Magnetic fields in the diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis (ms)

Majority of life processes occur in organisms owing to electromagnetic forces. The fields used in medicine reach the value of intensity from a few picoteslas to 2,5 tesla. Magnetotherapy, magnetostimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation are physical procedures with the use of magnetic fields. In multiple sclerosis magnetic fields are used in the diagnostics, estimation of the disease progression and of the effects of immunomodulating treatment and in rehabilitation.

805, 2020

The appreciation of bone growth factor in women with osteoporosis exposing on freetransition magnetic field

In spite of many news bulletin of favorable influence of free transition magnetic field on regeneration bone tissue, there is lack of information of function mechanism on bone metabolism. The aim of this work was to evaluate the concentrations of bone growth factors (osteokalcin, prokolagen, estrogens) and mineral density of cervical bone in women expose on freetransition magnetic field.

810, 2017

Influence of extremely low frequency magnetic fields on treatment of neuropathic pain. The disputable role of nitric oxide

Influence of extremely low frequency magnetic fields on treatment of neuropathic pain. The disputable role of nitric oxide Abstract: Introduction. The neuropathic pain appears as result of the big nervous trunks damage. Pain troubles are associated with vegetative and sensation disorders. The NMDA receptors participate in the pain sensation and allodynia development. Metodology and material. The

510, 2017

Effect of pulsing magnetic fields therapy on multiple sclerosis fatigue and selected features of quality of life

Effect of pulsing magnetic fields therapy on multiple sclerosis fatigue and selected features of quality of life Abstract: Aim of this study: Fatigue is common in multiple sclerosis (MS). In the recent years there have been numerous rapports concerning utilization of magnetostimulation in treatment of this conventional met- hods-proof complication. The aim of the research was to